CNC Milling

In the area of watch prevision CNC machining, ZESAD tool experts have developed numerous machining solutions in recent years. The focus has been on tools adapted to the related customer requirements. Along with these individual tool solutions, however, the usage of high-performance standard tools plays a major role in many applications. Therefore a comprehensive standard programme has evolved from these custom tools.


The radial standard milling cutter programme by ZESAD with its face, shoulder, slot, shell end face and high-feed milling cutters stands for maximum productivity and cost-effectiveness, especially in series production. The development was based on many years of experience with custom tools, which the industry uses to produce large quantities very efficiently with consistent quality.
For all milling cutters, ZESAD offers a wide range of indexable inserts – each in a positive and a negative design. In addition, there are cutting edges with a wiper portion, which achieve good surface qualities even without being set. This effect can be seen, in particular, in semi-finish machining.
ZESAD CNC Watch Precision Milling
ZESAD CNC Watch Precision Milling


ZESAD offers a suitable tool for every milling task:

On the one hand end milling cutters with fixed cutting edges, on the other hand milling cutters with replaceable inserts.

All types of machining are covered with innovative tool solutions:

Whether general machining operation such as groove milling, face milling, shoulder milling, for roughing and finishing, or special machining operations such as trochoidal or helix milling –