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Zentrale Entwicklungsgesellschaft Spezialisierten Automobilen Designs (ZESAD) is offering CNC & Prototype Services.

Established in 2013, ZESAD is the leading manufacturer worldwide of aftermarket race products for Lamborghini, Ferrari and other exotic cars.Its core business sectors are the engineering division and race unit. The company provides a full spectrum of engineering and development services for race cars. It covers the full range of motorsport service from design, development, prototyping, testing and manufacturing. 

As part of your Design & Development, it is often necessary to produce prototype components. These can be used for Design Validation, fit and function testing, or to check their compatibility with associated mating parts.  ZESAD can help you to make these first items and also develop a mass production procedure.


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MAS Tuning is a successful car tuning business based in Saudi Arabia. When we decided to take on ZESAD Germany as our supplier, we found the perfect products to meet the high quality requirements of our clients in the Middle East. Meeting Mr. Greg of DMC in person and seeing his passion for cars, filled me with pride and joy. I'm looking forward to many more years of good business and friendship.
Abid Ahmen CEO MAS Tuning
Abid Ahmed
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Precision Machining

When you create innovative ideas and projects, you need the proper tools to carry out those dreams. At ZESAD, we create each of your designs with the most suitable and advanced machines.

We manufacture any of your components,  may it be twin turbo systems, CNC machined billet aluminium intake manifolds, or special builds are of our own design /manufacture. We use the latest 3D CAD software, high quality multi axis CNC machines and the finest quality materials. Even if you are not an industrial designer, we have our German in-house team that can assist you with brining your ideas to life.

From small specialty parts to  custom built billet aluminum 5.2 liter engine blocks, we make dreams a reality. Please contact us for assistance with your machining needs.

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