Porsche 993 CNC Machined Flywheel Upgrade Forged Aluminum 6061 / 5083

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Beautiful CNC Machined Aluminum or Carbon Fiber part



We design and manufacture a beautifully CNC machined billet aluminium Flywheel according to your requirements. This is not just for looks, all design aspects of this product are calculated for optimal performance.

  • 3D Scan of your existing engine or parts
  • Surface Reconstruction of the Scan STL File to IGS/IGES/STP/STEP
  • 3D Design for your custom requirements
  • CNC Machined Billet, milled from 6061 / 5083 aluminium
  • Anodizing in a color finish of your choice
  • Assembly with other parts if needed
  • Gear will be designed to suit 993 Porsche Turbo
  • To Suit Factory Engine
  • Design for High Boost application

The iconic Billet Flywheel Upgrade for the Porsche 993 Turbo, made from Forged Aluminum. ZESAD products are certified by TUV, a German government approved authority for car safety standards.

Unleash the true potential of your Porsche masterpiece with the exclusive ZESAD CNC Flywheel, meticulously crafted for discerning car tuners and enthusiasts. Designed specifically for Porsche models, including the revered Porsche 993 Turbo OBDII, this exceptional flywheel showcases the pinnacle of precision engineering. Proudly manufactured in Germany, each CNC-machined flywheel undergoes rigorous customization to cater to the unique requirements of Porsche car tuners.

Experience the seamless fusion of power and control as our CNC Flywheel enhances performance, optimizing gear transitions and maximizing power delivery. The result? Unmatched responsiveness, allowing you to extract every ounce of performance from your Porsche 993 Turbo OBDII. Whether you seek thrilling track experiences or exhilarating on-road drives, our CNC Flywheel is the ultimate enhancement for Porsche enthusiasts.

Partner with ZESAD, the industry leader in custom CNC work, to elevate your Porsche tuning projects to new heights. Our unrivaled expertise and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques ensure flawless precision and uncompromising quality. Join the ranks of renowned Porsche car tuners who rely on ZESAD’s precision craftsmanship to transform their visions into reality.

Unlock the full potential of your Porsche 993 Turbo OBDII. Elevate your tuning game with the ZESAD CNC Flywheel, setting new standards in performance, reliability, and excellence. Discover the art of automotive engineering at its finest by visiting our online shop today.


This is a replacment part, the OEM item needs to be removed for installation. Although fitting is quite straight forward we do always recommend using a trained professional to undertake the install. We estimate around 240 minutes to fit.

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Porsche 993 Turbo Flywheel

3D Scan, 3D Surface Reconstruction, 3D Design, Milling from 6061 / 5083 aluminium, Anodising, Assembly, Total


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